Our Initiavtives


E-Cell JU, announces its extravaganza of the year, inviting speakers from across the nation and events designed to challenge the passionate entrepreneurs, making it one with tempting learning experience, surprise competitions and fun activities in the month of March (15th-17th).

From technology to marketing, business quiz to sports, knowledge to creativity and emotions to business, we will test your guts and expose you to know your competitors, expand your circle, learn public relations and finally grow as an entrepreneur in a simulation with team work.

The event will be marked by a great participation of students, startups, angel and venture capital investors, mentors and speakers from across the nation. So fasten your seatbelts as it will be Your Ascent To The Zenith!


The IDEATHON is a flagship event hosted for the young aspiring students to showcase their potential start-ups and gain an opportunity to get familiar with the corporate environment.
It will be a 12 hour long zealous entrepreneurship challenge where your teams will be required to solve a problem on the spot, after a substantial overnight preparation the teams will have to present their ideas in front of the judges so unleash your chance to live 12 hours like a start-up team.

Startup BootCamp

Then startup bootcamp is an initiative in the direction to foster the entrepreneurial skills of the aspiring startup enthusiasts by providing incubation and a positive co working environment. It enhances the potential of students towards development successful business models. A startup bootcamp provides an opportunity to gain exposure in the field of entrepreneurship and experience the multi dimensions of the vast corporate world. This also will stimulate your out of the box thinking