One of the most difficult questions the Indian startup ecosystem has to face is: Why is it that despite a flourishing startup ecosystem, there are just a handful of women entrepreneurs and investors? If women’s empowerment and enablement is really happening in the country, as many governments and organizations claim, why isn’t this visible in rising numbers of female investors?

Enter bike rentals. Riding bikes to get around the city — making for quicker, hassle-free commutes and exercise on the side — has picked up in India in the last few years. And in the sharing economy it is but natural to get everything on hire .With a view to make bike rentals hassle-free and enable quicker intra-city commutes, Bengaluru-headquartered online bike rental startup ONN Bikes has introduced hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly bike rentals. It has also added electric scooters to its fleet of scooters, bikes, and motorbikes.