About Us

Entrepreneurship cell, JECRC University, Jaipur stands out as a pioneering organization. We are the most active early stage club. This club is for entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs and anyone who gust wants to put their mask on the world and make it a little more awesome.
Every year this hot spot continues to brew up many innovative new ideas. It's bout business ideas, funding, opportunities and putting together teams.
Our competitions provide a platform for students to get excellent professional mentorship from our experienced, varied and distinguished mentor pool and to showcase their ideas in front of venture capitalists.
We at E-Cell look forward in providing the right ecosystem. Thus, any association with us will be symbiotic and mutually rewarding to both sides.

Form A Strong Team That Contains All The Necessary Constituents Such As,

  • Developer,
  • Designer,
  • Marketing Expert,

Our Mission and Vision


  • Our mission is to inspire and enable positive social change through the action of entrepreneuring.
  • We focus to empower introverts to become more visible and promote themselves with confidence and authenticity.
  • Our mission to dose the gap between dreams and actual creative business vision.
  • Our vision is to create new leaders and visionaries of entrepreneurship.


  • Empowering people who want to create a real positive impact in the world to become real change makers is our mission. We aim to make a difference.
  • To dare young people to believe they can be successful entrepreneurs and encourage them to turn their thoughts into a working business idea.
  • To fight the fears/inner battles behind big name entrepreneurs and helps to lead on the path of success.